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Mizz Laura Jean
5 April 1973
Laura Jean loves living in the city. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota in Child Psychology with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She enjoys volunteering in her community and serving on the Whittier Alliance Neighborhood Organization Board and on the NRP Steering Committee and the Historic Preservation Committee. She also serves on the Capitol Long Range Improvement Committee CLIC for the city of Minneapolis. CLIC is a citizen advisory committee to the Mayor and city council, that reviews and makes recommendations for all of the capitol projects from sewers to public art. Laura Jean is excited to be building a family with her outstanding husband David via adoption. She has been a member of the Northside Writers Group for the past 7 years or so, and enjoys writing memoirs, short story's, creative non-fiction, and sometimes small poems. Laura Jean ran for Minneapolis City Council in 2009 and plans to run for political office again in the future. She may in fact become a senator thereby making her mark on the world and improving the way we live. In January 2011, she began working towards her Maters in Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School. Until then she will have lucid dreams of becoming a famous author who discusses run-on sentences by day and swills hot chocolate by night, and looks forward to being someone's mother.